Get the latest on planning (and attending) a bar or bat mitzvah, learn about Jewish culture & maybe have a couple laughs along the way.
Passover, Passover, Passover!
Shavuot, the Jan Brady of Jewish holidays. Here is why it has that rep

Why we view Shavuot as the Jan Brady of Jewish holidays.

Dear Cantor Matt,

To help ourselves prepare for our daughter’s bat mitzvah, we’ve been going to services pretty often this year. I still can’t figure out what’s considered appropriate clothing. It seems to range from full suits and dresses to t-shirts and shorts. What do we wear?

Are Flip-Flops OK? 

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Make your party pop with our slide show of 30 cool balloon ideas.

A very pretty ballerina bat mitzvah at the W Hotel Union Square, NYC. See more pictures and a Q&A with the woman who designed it here.

Dear Cantor Matt,

We know that our son will be doing his Torah reading right from the Torah scroll. Is there a haftorah scroll too?

—Just Out for a Scroll

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A dollar a day keeps cancer away

Getting your hands on the latest gadget may give you an intense buzz, but how long does that feeling last? This week’s parsha teaches us that the value of material things can be fleeting.

Eye-candy ideas for a candy-themed bat mitzvah: check out our tips and slide show of really sweet ideas.