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Kid-friendly party ideas that even Don Draper would approve of.

Dear Cantor Matt,

My son came home from his bar mitzvah lesson really upset. He had practiced a lot during the week, and even wrote out the Hebrew words using English letters so he could read everything easily. The cantor made him use the Hebrew letters and made it needlessly difficult and frustrating. Why does it matter “how” he reads it if it all sounds the same?

— The Sound and the Fury

Read Cantor Matt’s response here.

‘Your bar mitzvah check is in this bacon wallet’

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During Passover, we eat matzah and unleavened foods that are flat and not puffed up, unlike bread and other foods that rise as they cook. This provides us a true example of ‘you are what you eat.’ It’s very tempting to think that you are the most important person around. Kids sometimes think their own needs take precedence over those of the rest of the family. Adults might turn a blind eye to those in need, or look down on people they think aren’t as worthy. This week, the presence of matzah brings everyone down a peg. We consume this food that reminds us that we ourselves aren’t quite as important as we might think.
Cantor Matt Axelrod. Read his whole article here.


"You know a lot about bat mitzvahs for someone who thought Chanukah was Han Solo and Chewbacca’s baby."

This is from Sunday’s episode where Tina goes to a bat mitzvah and have we mentioned we’re now on at 7:00?!!


New Girl’s Max Greenfield had an SNL-themed bar mitzvah and it was obviously 1994’s hottest party


Flourless Chocolate Cake I | “This cake is outstanding. I did use both dark chocolate chips and some semisweet chocolate bars. It got rave reviews and will become a standard Passover favorite.” – G.Laverdiere

Get the recipe:


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